If you have purchased my course, "How to Work with Interior Design Styles Like a Pro", this e-book is the perfect companion!

This 831-page e-book has not only consolidated the downloadable resources contained in this 6+ hour class, but additional copy has been added to the images so that it is clear to the reader what the images are illustrating. The result is that this an invaluable and complete resource to refer to as you decorate your own home or the homes of your client.

Can't I just download these resources for free in the class?

Of course you can. However, there are over 25 separate handouts in the course that you would need to download. This e-book combines all of those handouts into one easy-to-navigate resource. Additionally, the handouts often just contain the images used in the course; in this e-book, I've added necessary text to make it clear what the images are representing, making it easier for you to utilize in your own projects.

Does this e-book contain every single handout from the class?

I've included the resources for all 18 style lectures, including the separate style guides that consolidate the main characteristics of each style. The only resources not included in this e-book include:

  • "Guide to Mixing Styles Successfully in your own Home"
  • Slides from the "2 Interior Design Style Challenges" lecture
  • Slides from "Easily Infuse any Style into a Room with 3 Key Elements"

So don't delay! Download this e-book today and gift yourself an invaluable resource to use for your own interior design projects.

An Excellent Resource for a Great Price